Construction of “The Beetle” has began

IMG_20151108_171430Slab, walls and spans are all mounted with the “Styrostone” system. The concrete is injected into the previously reinforced and raised “hollow” wall (in fact, it’s an assembly of EPS “Styrostone” blocks). Therefore all the facings are concrete reinforced and isolated with an EPS sandwich inside and outside.


IMG_20150913_173215IMG_20150913_161007  IMG_20150913_163049 IMG_20150913_163807    IMG_20150913_172111 IMG_20150913_162807IMG_20150913_163851  IMG_20150913_173552IMG_20140801_104505Vale de Carros alc02Vale de Carros alc03Vale de Carros alc01Sem Título


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